A Detailed Catalogue & Guide to the Newspaper Stamps, Parcel Stamps & Postal Labels of the North Eastern Railway 1855 - 1922 (£15.00 - postage free)

ISBN: 9780955342820

The stamps & postal labels of the NER

From 1855 onwards, the North Eastern Railway issued its own parcel stamps and newspaper stamps - completely independent of the Post Office. This Catalogue consists of:

Section 1 Guide - an overview of the NER itself plus an outline of the stamps issued
Section 2 NER Stamps - a detailed and fully illustrated catalogue of NER Newspaper & Parcel Stamps (all known issues and values, all known variations), with illustrations
Section 3 NER Labels - a detailed and fully illustrated catalogue of all known NER Postal Labels issued as part of the Parcel Stamp System
Section 4 NER 'Clones' - a detailed and fully illustrated catalogue of all known NER 'clones' (stamps issued by other railway companies but based wholly or largely on NER designs)
Section 5 How NER stamps were printed - detailed information on the various techniques used to produce NER stamps
Appendix 1 Constituent companies of the NER
Appendix 2 Known control number formats on NER stamps
Appendix 3 Known cancellation marks on NER stamps
Appendix 4 Known addressed NER Design 3 envelopes

Format: A4, 40 pages (b & w), card cover, slide binding

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Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5



Acknowledgements (in no particular order)

Many thanks are due to:

Su Childs for much patience, forbearance and support

Francis Kiddle for supplying me with large numbers of NER stamps

Roger de Lacy Spencer for providing access to NER stamps from the Garratt-Adams Collection, the Jackson Collection and much of his own collection

Chris Tennant for supplying scans of his NER collection

Maurice Porter for allowing me to scan his NER collection

Fred Taylor for providing access to his NER collection

Bob Molyneux-Berry for providing images of his son's NER collection

John Butcher for providing scans of his NER postal label collection

Rod Knight for providing colour copies of his NER postal label collection

Stan Needham for a friendly and regular supply of NER stamps

Phil Paisley (printer, Letterpress expert) of Beamish Museum

Bill Saunders (printer, Lithography expert) ex of Beamish Museum

Mary White (National Railway Museum) for arranging access to the Selwyn Pearce-Higgins, Cecil Hill, THD Russell and NRM Collections

David Beech & Paul Skinner (British Library) for arranging access to the BL collections

Joe Childs for this website

H. L'Estrange Ewen for his ground-breaking work on NER (and other) stamps

Captain H.T. Jackson for his later detailed and valuable work on NER stamps

Railway Philately magazine for a fount of useful information on NER stamps

Rail Print magazine for their coverage of the NER postal labels

The organisers of stamp and collectors fairs throughout the country

eBay for providing many hours of interest and entertainment

The Railway Philatelic Group for its continued support

Special thanks and appreciation are due to Fred Taylor who has published many helpful NER related articles in Railway Philately over the years, providing much help and a wealth of knowledge about North Eastern Railway stamps.